Consultancy Support

We provide consultancy services for our clients to:

  • Deliver existing standards and guidance within and for your organisation
  • Improve the climate resilience credentials of existing or new standards and guidance
  • Help you design bespoke climate resilient standards and guidance
  • Define the use of standards to support the delivery of your products, good and services at a more systemic level (including; entire sectors, multidisciplinary systems of organisations, governments, and national and international investment strategies)

We speak your language, know the practicalities of running adaptation programmes, and can help identify the parts of any activities that are key to adaptation in your organisation, industry or geographical area. We identify gaps in current practice that need to be addressed, and use this to work with your teams to provide a tailored and practical service.

Network Rail

Supporting Network Rail through ISO 14090

We are working with Network Rail (who own and manage the main line railway network in the UK). Keen to understand best practice in adaptation planning, we are working with Network Rail to assess their current practice and identify what additional measures would be required to be aligned with ISO14090 requirements.


Embedding climate change adaptation within prioritized EU Infrastructure Standards

Our experts are currently delivering a contract for CEN-CENELEC (the European Standards body), entitled the ACC-CG Project. The project is already in its second phase. Our Directors John Dora and Doogie Black are two of the three ACC experts selected by the European Commission to embed adaptation to climate change (ACC) into priority European infrastructure standards.

We have been working closely with Technical Committees (TCs) who write European Standards in order write, and test, our guidance document on how to include ACC. This work is ongoing, and the already highly acclaimed guidance document is due to be published in 2020.

Energy UK

Supporting Energy UK through ISO 14090 Delivery

We are working with Energy UK (the trade association for the UK energy generation industry). Some of its members have, and are, developing climate adaptation plans. They are working with our experts to explore the use of ISO14090 as the basis for identifying best planning practice. Climate Sense have been asked to assess their current practice and what additional measures would be required to be aligned with ISO14090 requirements.


Climate change: Standards, and their role in improving the climate resilience of infrastructure investments (EBRD, 2018)

Our Director John Dora was commissioned to research and write this this report for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The report explores standards related to climate resilience, and how they may be able to contribute towards achieving the 2016 Paris Agreement and its aspirations to upscale financing for climate resilient, long-lived infrastructure.

German Environment Agency

Identifying best practice in Climate Change Adaptation standards for German Environment Agency

Our Director Doogie Black is currently commissioned as a project advisor in a project looking across all standards within Europe (at industry, national and regional levels) that have ACC embedded within them. The objective being to identify best practices that can help inform how Germany can improve its own standardization programme. Results will be published in late 2020.

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