Consultancy Services

Climate Sense’s consulting services meet you where you are in your journey to being climate smart; making the right adaptation decision at the right time and reducing the costs of acting too early or too late. We offer:

  • Needs assessments for aligning your existing practices with the international best practice found in climate adaptation standards through specifically designed and rapidly delivered services;
  • Support towards the development of best practice adaptation plans through a wealth of operational experience and an understanding of standards’ requirements that comes from having led and contributed to their creation;
  • Assistance for the ‘operationalisation’ of those plans through technical support, mentoring and coaching;
  • Experience in integrating adaptation into your organisations’ practices guided by other standards e.g. ISO14001 Environmental management systems and ISO55000 Asset management
  • Advice on improving the climate resilience credentials of existing or new standards and guidance;
  • A design service for bespoke climate resilient standards and guidance;
  • Consultancy on the use of standards to support the delivery of your products, activities and services at a more systemic level (including entire sectors, multidisciplinary systems of organisations, governments, and national and international investment strategies).

We speak your language, know the practicalities of running adaptation programmes, and can help identify the key activities that are fundamental to adaptation in your organisation, industry or geographical area. We are experienced in drafting standards, and so know how to get the best for you from the standards you choose.

Our Clients Include:

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