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Our expertise

Climate Sense partners with leaders, regulators, policy makers, advisors and organisational decision makers, to help them navigate and adapt to, future climate uncertainty.  


Our combined 100 years of climate adaptation expertise and our proprietary decision and capacity mapping technology, identify the most efficient and effective course of action for organisations and systems to thrive in the future.   


As IEMA accredited trainers in adaptation, we support, facilitate and mentor organisations and leaders at every stage of the climate adaptation journey.  We help leaders and decision makers identity the next best thing to do… 

Climate Sense uses a systematic approach to identify, align and implement company specific solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

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Decisions Systems Mapping

Climate Sense supports organisations to identify the key decisions and inter-dependencies that will influence their climate adaptation. We help them to understand how decisions taken today will impact future planning on a systemic level. 

Adaptation Capacity Diagnosis & Development (CaDD) 

Climate Sense’s proprietary and powerful Adaptation Capacity Diagnosis & Development [CaDD] tool rapidly assesses at scale an organisation's capacity to effectively and efficiently implement a climate adaptation strategy. It enables projects and organisations to continuously identify the systemic challenges affecting them, then to plot the most effective and efficient path to address these challenges. It is auditable and repeatable over time.  


CaDD offers leaders both leverage, evidence and metrics to take their climate adaptation plans forward. It also measures their effectiveness in facilitating organisational change and building greater resilience with partners, supply chains and stakeholders. 

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Climate Adaptation Pathways

Climate Sense helps organisations to identify the key decision they must take in order to build greater climate resilience.  

We work with teams and stakeholders to map the steps towards climate resilience and support the leadership team to implement them.  

This enables an organisation to identify and build the capacity needed to make critical, climate-resilient decisions. This means that an organisation has not only mapped the physical risks but understands and has the capacity to proportionately respond to those climate risks.

Our Rapid Adaptation Pathway tool [RAPA] combined with our Decision Mapping and our Capacity Diagnosis & Development tool (CaDD), enables any organisation or system to identify and implement a climate adaptation pathway efficiently and at scale. 

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Climate Sense offers dynamic training courses, that introduce the concepts in ISO14090, ISO14091 on climate adaptation, NVQ certified training courses on climate adaptation as well as bespoke training to support organisational and industry specific needs arounds climate adaptation.

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International Standards design & implementation

Members of Climate Sense’s team led and helped guide the development of international standards for climate adaptation, including ISO 14090 and ISO 14091. We work alongside leadership to ensure that adaptation strategies meet international best practice. 

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Mentoring & Coaching

We work directly with leaders to not only identify where their organisation needs to build climate adaptation capability, but also to implement a climate resilient strategy. Climate Sense’s mentoring and coaching of decision makers and leaders has proven highly effective in turning innovative adaptation plans into effective action. To further support strategic decisions, we also facilitate the measurement and generation of independent metrics that measure and benchmark adaptative capacity within an organisation.  We offer a confidential space for leaders to test the climate adaptive capability of breakthrough projects working on lower capacity decision points. 


Our metrics are framed within the TCFD reporting guidelines, to strengthen and support the strategic decisions of those with involved in investment activity, policy makers, regulators and key stakeholders. 

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