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NVQ ProQual Level 5 Certificate in the management of adaptation to climate change

NVQ ProQual Level 5 Certificate in the management of adaptation to climate change

👶What to expect?

This is a 3-day course that includes 20 guided learning hours and 10 hours of private study. It counts as 2 standard credits.

🛠️ You will gain an understanding of:

- The tried and tested practices that ensure the impacts of a changing climate can be addressed across the full life cycles of decision outcomes (from short-term outcomes involving current climate, to long-term outcomes involving future climate change scenarios).
- The relevant climate scenario data and approaches to apply this within organisational plans, policies and strategies.
- How to manage the uncertainties of climate change - the concepts of “adaptive management “approaches, prioritisation, and how to tailor responses to organisational roles and responsibilities.
- How your organisation applies organisational learning to ensure strategic directions learn from delivery experience.
- Gain the practical competencies needed for effective management of the impacts and uncertainty from a changing climate.

🛠️ By the end of the course you will be able to:

- Describe the potential impacts of a Changing Climate
- Understand the importance and application of developing strategic approaches to a Changing Climate
- Describe approaches to developing Climate Change resilience and explain the desired outcomes
- Understand the systemic interdependencies related to a Changing Climate
- Understand the effect of Climate Change on Risk and Resilience strategy
- Describe how to implement, communicate, evaluate and improve a Climate Change Resilience plan.

⭐ The course is formally assessed. To gain the NVQ qualification you will need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding against the qualification standards by submitting course work evidence which demonstrates your achievement of all of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each unit.

😀Who is it for?​

✔️  Operational Managers and Directors across all sectors, in particular those where a strategic response is needed to inform long term decision making ( 20 years +).
✔️Decision makers considering the effects of climate change and how best to govern these to ensure they are “climate-informed”.

✔️ Those responsible for managing risks, making long term strategic decisions and thus demonstrating organisational competence to regulators, shareholders, financiers, customers, and various other third party stakeholders.

There are no formal entry requirements
Upon successful completion you may wish to progress to further learning within the suite of Level 5 Qualifications – i.e. completing an Award or Certificate and topping up to Foundation Degree and on to Honours Degree.

How does it work?
​ Each session will take place virtually. The course is highly interactive and each day includes lectures, discussion groups and simulated exercises to build your learning.

📅 When
We run scheduled courses throughout the year, you can see these on our course calendar. We are also able to deliver the training to organisations at mutually agreed dates.

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