Preparedness, Adaptation And Risk (PREPARE) Programme: Organisational And Adaptive Capacity Assessment

Guiding UK Government Strategy and Communication on Climate Adaptation

Country: UK

DEFRA needed to understand more about a) how organisations vary in their capacity to address climate change adaptation b) how those differences affect the way they perceive climate risks to their organisation and c) what they consider a sensible response.

The methodology for the enquiry was built around the CaDD framework. It identified key elements of an organisation’s capacity to adapt to climate change stratified them into the characteristics of; low, medium and high capacity organisation.

A large scale quantitative survey of 1900 organisations from the public, private and third sectors was conducted by Ipsos Mori to assess the proportion of organisations that are; low, medium or high capacity.

More in depth interviews were conducted by the Climate Sense team with a selection of the medium and high capacity organisations.

The analysis confirmed the CaDD concept that organisations of different capacity see their climate change challenge differently;and also what they considered was sensible to do about it. The assignment identified key characteristics of these differences and what actions each deemed sensible in each capacity level. DEFRA was able to draw from the guidance on how to engage effectively with organisations of different capacity to more effectively achieve its climate change adaptation agenda.

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