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Intro to Climate Adaptation - ISO 14090 Module 1

An introduction to Climate Adaptation, built on the foundations of the International ISO14090 standard.

Intro to Climate Adaptation - ISO 14090 Module 1


👶 Two, 4-hour workshops run over 2 days to introduce the ISO1090 standard and explore its application and tools to apply it.

🛠️This course introduces the requirements for best practice climate adaptation as set out in ISO14090 and brings in aspects of the recently published ISO 14091 (climate vulnerability and risk assessment).

The course is designed for you to start using  the tools and frameworks  immediately. They are introduced through in-course simulations and mock scenarios.

By the end of the course you will be able to:
Identify why a strategic approach to climate change adaptation such as 14090 is needed.
Explain how the ISO 14090 framework supports organisations to take a strategic approach.
Describe the approaches used in ISO14090 for development and delivery of climate change adaptation plans.
Apply learning from the course to identify how you can support their organisation to become more climate resilient.

Delivered in partnership with environmental consultants and engineers, JBA Consulting our training is designed to help learners understand the frameworks that support climate resilience, to develop strategic and structured approaches to decision making, manage uncertainties and develop a deeper appreciation of the interdependencies that climate risk presents.

⭐The course also includes a 2 hour optional seminar to share your personal reflections of application of the principles to your workplace context.

As an IEMA certified course, participants are required to attend all of the course units. You will be required to submit a participation xxxx?

✔️ Those curious about ISO14090 or climate adaptation approaches in general; those in organisations considering adopting ISO14090 in some way and those interested in supporting others to adopt ISO14090 in some way
✔️ Suitable for professionals and leaders from diverse roles across organisations that make medium (10- 20 Years) and long-term investment (20 years +) decisions that are vulnerable to climate impacts.
✔️ Currently delivered online in English it is open to a global audience.


Each 4 hour session will take place virtually using teams or equivalent.

2-3 courses are scheduled throughout the year, please check the link for dates. We are also able to deliver the training to individual organisations at mutually agreed dates.

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