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Doogie has worked in sustainable development for over 25 years, specialising in climate change resilience for the last 20 years.

Doogie has helped shape global consensus developing and applying metrics that measure the adaptative capacity of organisations and systems (e.g. sectors). Since 2003, Doogie’s focus has been upon understanding how to accelerate the use of data that leads to meaningful actions. He played a central role in the acclaimed EU-funded ESPACE Project addressing behavioural & organisational change management, and climate change strategy. He became a consultant in 2008 as Founding Director of the first iteration of Climate Sense.


A member of the core team that developed the PACT framework (now rebranded CaDD -, he works across private, public and civil society organisations; ranging from local authorities and national policy makers through to infrastructure management companies, multinational corporations and international development organisations. Supporting individuals, organisations and systems of organisations through their change challenges he optimises the use of climate and risk data in producing climate-informed decision-making.

Doogie was the UK principle expert in developing ISO 14090 (2019), the first ever international standard on climate change resilience. He sits on the BSI Adaptation to Climate Change Committee, and is very active in developing standards on adaptation at the organisational, national, European and global level. Doogie also develops and delivers many of our training materials, including being the author of the UK’s first accredited NVQ on adaptation to climate change.

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