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Climate Sense supports organisations to develop resilient climate adaptation strategies through a number of dynamic training courses.

The climate adaptation challenge

Resilience in the face of climate change is essential for all organisations to ensure that their assets, operations, staff and customers will continue to thrive, despite the impacts of extreme weather, both now and in the future.


As leaders in the field of climate change adaptation, we have the tools and expertise to help your organisation navigate the climate adaptation journey and build organisational climate resilience. 


We understand the challenges that climate risk and climate uncertainty pose for decision making. Our tools and skillsets enable you to develop the capacity and capabilities to meet those challenges.

Climate adaptation challeng

Our tailored adaptation training is designed to support the specific needs of an organisation, at every level of a business' operations. 

We incorporate globally recognised tools and techniques, developed to manage the risks and opportunities of climate change, to deliver a training that specifically targets the particular challenges your organisation, team or department is facing.

How our training can support you

International accreditation

Our work is internationally recognised and our courses are accredited by leading bodies  including: IEMA for the adoption of the ISO14090 standard and ProQual approved NVQ courses for parctical applied learning.

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Our training draws on the expertise of our diverse team of consultants, engineers, academics, and climate mitigation specialists and incorporates learning and pragmatic approaches from around the globe.

We believe in learning through application and our courses integrates coaching methodologies so participants can apply the climate adaptation principles in their own organisations.

Our training approach

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