International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Our Director John Dora worked with ISO since 2015, when he became the Convener (Chair) of the international working group tasked with producing the adaptation to climate change standard (ISO 14090). Our Director Doogie Black joined the working group in 2016 to represent the UK as their Principal Expert. ISO 14090 was published in July 2019 and is available for purchase through your national standards body.

Both John and Doogie have now been in several working groups and task forces across ISO, convening in many countries globally. John is now the Lead Adaptation Expert for ISO in their Strategy Team, and Doogie sits on working groups for ISO 14091 (the Climate Change Risk Assessment Standard – due to be published in 2020), and is contributing to ISO 14097 (the Framework and Principles for Assessing and Reporting Investments and Financing Activities Related to Climate Change).

British Standards Institution (BSI)

Our two experts Tim Reeder (Chair) and Nick Pyatt (Technical Expert) are members of a BSI working group producing a new British Standard: "Decision-making for climate change – Adaptation pathways – Guide". Both Tim and Nick are experts in delivering adaptation pathways.

Tim was the first ever pioneer of the now globally recognised adaptation pathways approach when he delivered the approach for London through the Thames 2100 project. In recent years Nick has been running numerous workshops with infrastructure operators internationally (in the UK and Central Asia). The new standard is set to be published by BSI in 2020.

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