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Climate Compliance

Climate Sense helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to quickly and affordably demonstrate climate compliance to stakeholders, to establish a climate risk baseline for their exposure to climate risk and to 'quick launch' their climate risk-to-resilience journey.

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 90% organisation are not be facing significant climate risks?  If that's you, how do you prove it?
10% of organisations are facing significant climate risk.  How do you know if that's you and, if so, what do you do about it?

Climate Compliance for the Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Climate Sense offers cost-effective, efficient solutions, tailored to small and medium sized businesses.

How Climate Sense supports Climate Compliance

Buyers, lenders, investors and insurers increasingly need to know what parts of their value chains are at climate risk, how each suppliers’ emissions management compare to their peers and how they going to improve.


We support SMEs to put in place a first climate risk management plan for compliance reviews.

Climate Sense supports an organisation to rapidly assess, then deliver clear, concise and consistent information about climate risk across the length of their value chain with confidence.


Identifying your climate risk position is crucial.

It breaks down barriers to action, aligns with regulatory and customer demands on supply chain risks and eases access to financing. Our expertise pinpoint if you're at risk and, if so, how to effectively manage and communicate that risk. 

Supporting climate resilient supply chains

Climate Sense combines over 100 combined years of climate resilience expertise with international best practices and market-tested approaches and an AI compliance platform to offer a streamlined, time-bound and affordable Climate Resilience Plan.


The AI-platform analyses a company's gaps in compliance against 9 global standards and regulations for listed companies in the UK, EU, US, California and Canada. It then recommends actions to fill these gaps.


Our team then constructs a 5-component process that establishes a company's first Climate Risk Management Plan. 

* The Climate Sense team has been conducting climate risk assessments for companies across a wide range of industries for over 10 years.  Approximately 1 in 10 assets reviewed using our methodology did not have significant climate change risk across their value chain.

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Benchmark & Track Peers

  • Get an AI-enhanced “reality check” on your/buyers’ climate-related disclosures.

  • Inform your strategic position relative
    to your peers based on market intelligence.

  • Efficiently align with 9 global standards/frameworks.

  • Identify high-impact actions with a cross-functional gap analysis.

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The Climate Resilience Package helps companies to: 

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