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Meet the team

We are a diverse team of consultants, engineers, academics and climate mitigation specialists. Our team has over 100 years experience pioneering climate mitigation and adaptation across various industries and countries and led the development of the International Climate Change Adaptation Standards [ISO].  

Kate Lonsdale headshot.jpg

Kate Lonsdale

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Kate brings over 25 years of practical experience implementing Climate Change Adaptation for countries and governments across the world and deep grounding in academic research. This has seen her manage Climate Adaptation strategies and implementation in emerging and developed economies and across multiple industries including: civil society, academia and government policy and within organisations that aim to create a bridge between these different sectors.

Doogie Black headshot.jpg

Doogie Black

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Doogie is the founding member of Climate Sense, he pioneered the development of our proprietary capacity mapping platform that identifies and quantifies an organisation’s climate agility i.e. their ability to adapt to climate related threats. Doogie has a particular focus on climate change resilience, he supports organisations to optimise their use of climate and risk data to producing climate-informed decision-making. Doogie was the UK principle expert in developing ISO 14090 (2019), the first ever international standard on climate change resilience and sits on the BSI Adaptation to Climate Change Committee.

Grace Sandels headshot.jpg

Grace Sandels

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Grace leads Climate Sense's learning and training programmes. She spent over 23 working in the Environment Agency and with the private water industry, where she led large multidisciplinary technical teams on environmental protection projects. Grace oversaw a diverse portfolio, including waste and water regulation, asset management planning, climate change adaptation, biodiversity and agriculture. Grace has also supported the development of policy frameworks, collaborating with local authorities, NGOs and industry focus groups across both the public and private sector.

Al Sandels headshot.jpg

Al Sandels
Managing Director

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Al leads Climate Sense’s operational management and shapes strategic development across the company. Alastair has over 35 years’ experience in strategic infrastructure investment, management, and business governance. Previously, the Managing Director of an international forestry management organisation, Al’s advised private clients and funds on direct investment, asset management and valuation, corporate governance, and risk management. Previously, Al was Chair of the UK forestry safety body (FISA) and President of the UK’s Institute of Chartered Foresters.

Nick Pyatt headshot.jpg

Nick Pyatt

  • LinkedIn

Nick has over 40 years experience leading organisational development strategies for natural resource management systems within complex commercial, social, environmental and climate sensitive environments. With deep expertise in identifying and analysing an organisations capacity to effectively address climate and other sustainability challenges, Nick facilitates Climate Sense’s proprietary method to methodology and technology platform that maps organisational capacity and decision making. 

John Dora headshot.jpg

John Dora
Technical Director

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John brings over 40 years experience managing and maintaining complex infrastructure for clients including the World Bank, the United Nations, the Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the UK Rail Sector. A Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at the University of Birmingham, John’s infrastructure adaptation expertise is rooted in over 20 years of academic research and teaching. He leads the ISO [International Standards Organisation] work to develop global climate change adaptation standards.

Tim Reeder headshot.jpg

Tim Reeder

Senior Consultant

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Tim Reeder is our Lead Technical Adviser. A global commentator and practitioner on strengthening decision making for uncertain climate futures, Tim pioneered the Adaptation Pathways approach used to protect London from sea level rise as Project Scientist for the Thames Estuary 2100 Project. He now advises on the use of the  Adaptation Pathways approach in Europe, USA, Australia, Central Asia and Africa.


Ian Fullerlove

IT Director

Iain is our Director of IT and is developer of our CaDD Explorer Software and Database ( Iain provides advice and expertise to our clients and to our team using the CaDD Software and its data.

Iain has deep expertise and over 35 years experience transforming logic into data and useful information. WIth a background developing IT and databases for organisations such as JP Morgan, Reuters and Barclays Bank, as well as a number of successful e-commerce related businesses, Iain’s passion for innovation ensures we are always ahead of the game.

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