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Kate Lonsdale


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For the last 26 years Kate has focussed on organisational adaptation to a changing climate, spanning civil society, academia and government policy and working within organisations that bridge various different sectors. Her approach to Climate Adaptation combines a deep grounding in research with frontline experience of implementation. This has seen her manage Climate Adaptation strategies and implementation in emerging and developed economies and across multiple industries including: civil society, academia and government policy and within organisations that aim to create a bridge between these different sectors.


Kate holds a PhD in Water Management and a Postgrad diploma in Facilitating Organisational Change. Between 2019 and 2023, Kate was Champion of the UK Climate Resilience Programme ( - a strategic priority funded research programme of over 60 projects.  From 2023 to 2025 Kate will be seconded part time to DEFRA, supporting the development of monitoring, evaluation and learning for the 5-year National Adaptation Planning (NAP) and Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) cycle.

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