Training and Support in Delivering Standards for Climate Change Resilience

We provide world leading expertise on standards dedicated to Adaptation to Climate Change (such as ISO 14090) and other emerging standards with climate resilience components.

What We Do

Climate Sense are world-leading specialists working to support organisations to plan and implement actions for climate change resilience.

Climate Sense offers assessments, training and consultancy services that can help your organisation work towards, and meet, the climate adaptation practices it needs to thrive in an uncertain future. We use innovative industry standards such as ISO 14090 Adaptation to Climate Change as the framework for thesupport services we offer.

We ensure that what we do is designed to adapt your organisation - and its products, activities and services - to the impacts of a changing climate. And we can provide a stamp of assurance that certifies the achievements of your organisation.

Our team of experts have been leading climate adaptation projects nationally and internationally for over 40 years, working across sectors including: transport; water; flood and coastal risk management; energy; agriculture & forestry; spatial planning; health; local, national & regional government.

This experience has led to the Climate Sense team being key to many of the world’s emerging climate adaptation and other standards including ISO 14090 and CEN guidelines for standards’ writers. We offer our experience to enable you to future proof your organisation against the impacts of the changing climate.


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About Us

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Training Courses

ISO 14090 Tailored Training

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