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Training courses

1. Intro to Climate Adaptation - ISO 14090 Module 1

An introduction to Climate Adaptation, built on the foundations of the International ISO14090 standard.

Created and delivered in partnership with JBA Consulting.

2. Climate Risk Profiling - ISO 14090 Module 2

A 2-day course introducing the: impact, vulnerability & threshold assessment techniques that are used to assess an organisation's Climate Risk Profile.

3. Climate Adaptation Planning - ISO 14090 Module 3

Introducing the steps and skills needed to assemble a climate adaptation plan.

4. Organisational resilience to climate change - ISO14090

A free, 2-hour online introduction to Climate Risk Profiling and the core concepts within ISO14090 Climate Adaptation Standard.

5. Climate Change Impacts - NVQ ProQual Level 3

Build an understanding of what climate change impacts are, and where you can find robust climate change information, then how to respond to this information despite the unavoidable uncertainty within future climate change predictions.

6. Long term climate planning - NVQ ProQual Level 5

Introducing the practices that ensure the impacts of a changing climate can be addressed across the full life cycles of decision outcomes (from short-term outcomes involving current climate, to long-term outcomes involving future climate change scenarios).

7. Bespoke adaptation training

Bespoke climate adaptation training and coaching

Adaptation Awareness for Organisations

1-day course providing adaptation awareness training for your staff of any organisation

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